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Tuesday 21 October 2014

New Book by Luna Ballantyne

Luna Ballantyne (pseudonym of fantasy novelist, Ingrid Hall) has released her new erotic novel, "Freedom", which book one of her "Sensual Liaison Series". The story is a time-spanning fantasy centred on the character of Max, the Highwayman, a 400 year old immortal gigolo, cursed by the one woman he loved, who was subsequently executed for witchcraft. The first novel focuses on Max's involvement with a recent divorcee, keen to explore her new found freedom and her natural dominatrix desires.

I confess to not being an avid reader of erotic fiction, although I have often considered writing it. I believe it to be unpretentious and more honest than a lot of blatant pornography that has posed as art. This particular book has a well-crafted sales blurb that I am sure will excite its targeted readership. This includes a vivid description of the author's pseudonym's approach to life, which will add titillation to the reader's experience. The storyline sounds original. At first I thought the lead protagonist was going to be yet another vampire, but Ballantyne appears to have taken a different tactic.

On a personal note, I am fascinated by classic Gothic literature and, of course, am acquainted with the work of libertines of the past. I haven't read this particular book, but it already looks to be a universe a part from the filtered down twee drivel that became the phenomenally successful mummy-porn "50 Shades of Grey". That particular book apparently has its roots in fan-fiction connected to that other awful insult to a sub-genre,  "Twilight". However, I digress. "Freedom" appears to be a ballsy and direct exploration of erotic fantasy, possibly aimed at a female audience. Having said that, I am sure there are plenty of males who might want to imagine themselves in the lead character's role...

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 Disclaimer: The below works are only suitable for readers aged 18 years and over. Obviously being an erotic novel, it will contain explicit sexual content.

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