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Tuesday 24 March 2009

Remembering EWW Parts I-IV

I guess the past is as good a place to start as anywhere for my first post on this new blog. Controversy was certainly the name of the game during my time co-promoting and performing in Britain's first extreme professional wrestling promotion from 1998 to 2001 called Extreme World Warfare. It all started when I was approached to put on a martial arts demonstration. I was then talked into putting on a five minute version of a Gothic martial arts/dance act - the first and only I know of - that I had created originally for the Edinburgh Festival and shelved a year previously. We ended up creating a professional wrestling promotion and becoming part of a new movement going under the moniker "New British Wrestling". It would get us attention from the police and the Jerry Spring Show!
So far I have written four parts, which cover most of our first year and up to our first show "Extreme World Warfare: The Declaration". These articles, no doubt, need some serious editing, but for the time being I am very grateful to the official EWW website who agreed to publish them online in their current form:

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