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Wednesday 22 April 2009

My Own Conspiracy Theory

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Geoff Thompson has a theory regarding laws of attraction. He says that we should always be aware of our circle of influence i.e. millionaires hang out with millionaires. My concern is that somehow I have attracted conspiricists. By publically showing my general sceptical approach and love of history, I have somehow given off the wrong signal. Within the past two weeks I have had a martial arts instructor trying to get me to watch Zeitgeist: The Movie (from reading the synopsis it sounds like the Da Vinci Code on steroids sold as fact with a bit of 9/11 paranoia thrown in as well), a relation of mine preaching the “cancer is literally a fungus, all scientists who say otherwise are being paid to cover it up” plus “oil companies are killing people who have figured out how to make cars more efficient” and another New World Order believer (I really thought I’d heard the last of them when they said the driver killed Kennedy!) The strange thing is these people are not talking to me in response to my scepticism of con-theos they are doing because they think I will be sympathetic to their cause! There is clearly something in my personality that seems to attract them. Strangely enough this used to happen with religious fundamentalists (there's a thought, are conspiricists the religious fundamentalists of secularism. Shermer said something about them exhibiting a similar psychology). Being a self protection coach who teaches the importance of promoting the right attitude that does not attract trouble, this does have a degree of concern. Perhaps I could develop a conspiracy theory of my own. I was programmed by the Illuminati to use ration, reason and my own instinctive questioning nature to assume the position of doubt when someone starts saying "This is all information suppressed by the powers that be and anyone who comes up with arguments doubting these minority claims are clearly being paid". I have to re-learn that obscure medical claims do not need to be peer-tested and double blind tested in order to prove they have some credibility. I have to learn that any alternative history viewpoint is the equal or superior of any established historical facts, and not ask for indepedent convergeant data. The truth is I am probably getting paranoid about con-theos... but I don't care because they are all out to get me and all evidence to the contrary is provided by people paid suppress this information!

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