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Saturday, 24 May 2014

Remembering Extreme World Warfare Part VII

EWW needed momentum. So far, we had produced two shows and were getting attention from the British wrestling fans, but mainstream interest was non-existent. We weren’t the only ones having this problem. There was a lot of talk about TV from both the UWA and the FWA, especially with the proliferation of more television channels, but still the stigma of British Wrestling’s past haunted us all. Everyone had their media contacts and we all did our best, but we knew that our key to was to build a following. This meant more exposure of our brand and storylines. We did not want to stay at Exeter Hall. The plan now was to get moving on “The Armageddon Tour” and to book as many dates as possible. Unfortunately we just did not have the money and with both Stu and me in full-time employment it was difficult to promote a run of our own shows. We needed to selectively partner with other promotions and get bookings.